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Hard Top

There are two models in our new hard top range – the Exodus 11 and the Exodus 14. (The numbers refer to their length in feet.)

We used to call these designs ‘hybrids’ as they are a combination of everything that’s great about an off-road trailer and a luxury on-road caravan. However, both of these hard tops are fully off-road recreational vehicles. No matter how far you go in your 4WD, an Exodus will follow.

Because the fibreglass shell is molded in a single piece, you can hammer over corrugated roads in the certain knowledge it’s not going to crack at the seams. There aren’t any! And when you reach your destination, you can open the door and enjoy a dust free home from home. The seals and insulation on these trailers create a protected environment – one that will keep you warm in the cold and cool in the heat.

Mostly, the design advantages of a hard top will appeal to couples who want the luxury of ‘camping-on-the-go’. There’s no canvas and so set up time is as long as it takes to park. (And given the ease of manoeuvrability, that won’t be long!)

The Exodus 14, given it's extra length has the option of an internal shower and toilet. We can also fit it out with bunk beds if you are travelling with kids. Both models can be customized to suit your exact needs and if you check the specifications you’ll see they come with a very wide range of optional extras.

Benefits & Technical Specs


Engineering & Build Quality

Engineering & Build Quality

From start to finish it takes us approximately 4-5 weeks to build each of our Hard-Top camper trailers. Delivery times from order are around the 18 week mark

Wherever possible, we use Australian suppliers and components as this enables us to ensure the integrity of each product and know that all parts are suitable for harsh Australian conditions.

The shell of our Hard-Tops is made of fibreglass. Why fibreglass?
Fibreglass construction offers many advantages. It is lightweight compared to steel and aluminium but still strong, and offers good insulation against Australia's harsh climate.

Its 'monocoque' construction means that there is no need for internal framing therefore maximising available storage space.

There are no seams and joints which prevents water and dust penetration. It is attractive in appearance and easily maintained.

Offering warmth in the winter but remaining cool in the summer..

And fibreglass is easy to clean, and easy to repair if you do have an accident on the road.

We contract this section of the build to one of Australia's most experienced and highly regarded yacht builders. They are committed to providing us with the very best in quality, strength and reliability.

To complete the fit out of our Hard Top range we have a team of dedicated and highly skilled craftsman who are encouraged and supported by Complete Campsite to undertake Certificate III in Recreational Vehicle Manufacturing and/or Certificate III or IV in Competitive Manufacturing (cert III MSA31108 and cert IV MSA41108)

This ensures that our staff are equipped with the skills and knowledge required to build you a premium quality camper trailer
It's the quality of their work and collaboration that enables us to offer you the rock solid guarantee of a two year warranty.

Ease of use

Ease of use

The beauty of our hard top range is the speed and ease of set up. Park it, get inside, pop the top and you’re ready for the night.
And if you’re setting up camp, then just wind out the awning and slide out the kitchen. You’re done!

 It’s a one person job and you can go from on road to fully established campsite in a couple of minutes.

Both models are fully off road and easy to tow. Unlike some supposedly off-road caravans, the track is the same as that of a 4WD and so you can take it anywhere you like without worrying you might get stuck.

Comfort & Design

Comfort & Design

The Hard Top Exodus range allows you to go on a fully off-road adventure and still enjoy the comforts and luxuries of home.

You can choose to live inside it, or live outside it.

There’s an internal kitchen for those occasions when you want to lock out the elements. And there’s an external kitchen for when you want to enjoy the great outdoors. Both are beautifully made and easy to use with plenty of storage for food and utensils. Both reflect our dedication to ergonomic design and ensure that everything you need is within easy reach.

When you go to sleep at night, you’ll float on a queen size, inner sprung mattress. You’ll be able to get into it without clambering over your partner. And there are shelves for books and individual reading lights for those of you who are night owls.

One of the great virtues of this range is the fiberglass shell. It creates a sealed but well-lit and well-ventilated environment. The double-door has been designed so that you can sleep with only the fly screen closed and still feel absolutely secure.

The Exodus range takes the hassle out of camping and puts comfort into adventure. There’s nothing quite like it.

Comfortable queen bed with innerspring mattress

Fully-equipped galley with kitchen, large storage drawers and overhead pantry

Security screen door and grab handle

External hot/cold shower unit

Webasto hot water system

Full length pole and accessories locker

L.E.D. light shines down into pantry and onto kitchen

Water inlet & filtering system

Standard with a Quick Sun Shade

Space & Configuration

Space & Configuration

The Exodus 11 is the smaller of the current Hard-Top models. But like its bigger brother the 14, it’s what you might call a ‘spaceship’.

On the inside, it’s a lot roomier than it looks or feels when you’re towing it across country.

And you’ll sleep on a queen-sized inner sprung mattress that would feel at home in a hotel - there’s shelving and lighting beside it.

There’s a dining table where you can eat or just sit and relax. With the kitchen on the outside, you can eat in, eat out, the choice is yours.

You’ll find plenty of room under the awning and you can attach a tented annex for extra room.
And with an external shower and toilet, you can cross some very rough ground without ever having to rough it.

Front, sealed and lockable locker provides loads of space

Underbed storage drawer (Exodus 14 layout shown)

Large and convenient internal storage cupboards

Accessories & Customisation

Accessories & Customisation

Other Options

Extended Drawbar

Suitable for vehicles with full rear swinging doors

Push Bike Rack

Includes 3 bike cradles, mounted to extended drawbar (includes extended drawbar)

ISI Fully Strutted Bike Rack

Suitable for 4 bikes - no need to extend drawbar

Internal bunk beds

Bunks fitted internally to provide sleeping for kids or additional passengers however big they are. The top bunk folds up to become a back rest and the bottom bunk becomes a day lounge.

Roof Mounted Air-Conditioning

Reversal cycle air-conditioning unit fitted to roof space above bed.

Induction Cooktop


"Slip n Easy" Outboard Holder

Includes extended drawbar

Additional Slide

Additional slide fitted to any spare storage box - handy for generators, porta-loos etc

Underbody Water Tank

100ltr tank with protective shroud & additional electric water pump

Canopy Options

Fully Enclosed Annex

Including canvas roof, all walls & draught skirt

Extended Front Roof

Extended front canvas roof & end wall to fit to roll out awning

Ensuite Extension

Roof and wall with window to fit to roll out awning

Draught Skirt

Eliminates draughts in annex area

Kitchen Wall

Kitchen end return wall with door

Front Wall

Front wall with large window

Technical Specs

Technical Specs

Running Gear

  • Chassis - Hot dipped galvanised steel 75mm x 50mm x 3mm
  • Drawbar - Hot dipped galvanised steel 100mm x 50mm x 3mm
  • Suspension - "Cruisemaster" coil independent with twin gas shock.
  • Wheels - 6 stud 17" steel rims
  • Tyres - 265/75/R17 off-road tyres
  • Spare wheel/tyre - Mounted underneath between the suspension still allowing more clearance than the diff of your vehicle. Winch fitted for easy lowering and raising of wheel
  • Brakes - 12" electric off-road brakes
  • Coupling - DO35 off-road coupling fitted with handbrake

Trailer dimensions (these measurements may change depending on optional extras)

  • Overall length - 5400mm
  • Body length - 3570mm
  • Width - 2000mm
  • Height - 2350mm
  • Tare weight - 1580kg
  • Gross weight - 2000kg
  • Ball weight - 120kg

Trailer Features

  • Body construction - Fully moulded, monocoque, insulated fibreglass body with pop top
  • Body protection - Fibreglass gelcoat
  • Dust/water protection - High quality, automotive pinchweld sealing to all external doors/compartments.
    All are fitted with flush mounted compression locks to keep doors closed tight - keyed alike.
  • Drop-down stabiliser legs - 4 x heavy duty stabiliser legs
  • Jockey wheel - Heavy duty 'easy mover' ratchet swing away jockey wheel
  • Trailer plugs - 7 pin flat trailer plug 50 amp Anderson plug
  • Trailer lights - Submersible L.E.D. Lights
  • Stoneguard - Heavy duty frame with mesh. Mounted on an angle to deflect stones away from tow vehicle
  • Rhino Protection Lining - Heavy duty rubberised product applied to front of tool box
  • Mudflaps - Front and rear mudflaps
  • Recovery points - 2 x recovery points at rear of trailer
  • 2 way level - Mounted to drawbar to assist with levelling of trailer

Power features

12 volt power features

  • 2 x 105 amp hour deep cycle, sealed batteries
  • 240volt 25amp 4 stage Victron Blue Power battery charger
  • DC to DC 12volt battery charge booster
  • 2000watt pure sine inverter
  • 12volt power outlets strategically placed throughout trailer
  • BMV 600 LCD full battery monitoring system
  • 2 x 150watt solar panels mounted to pop-top roof
  • Fuse box

240volt power

  • 2 pole, 15amp - 240volt weatherproof power inlet
  • Circuit breaker & safety switch
  • 2 x 2pole double power points strategically placed throughout trailer


  • Interior and exterior L.E.D. lighting
  • 2 x bedside reading lights
  • L.E.D. lighting placed in appropriate storage compartments

External kitchen

  • Full stainless steel construction. Kitchen slides out from side of trailer and swings around to sit along the side of trailer for convenience and easy access
  • 3 burner stainless steel 'Smev' gas stove with auto ignition
  • Stainless steel drop-in 'Smev' sink with pressurised water to tap
  • 2 x flip over stainless steel benches to provide more preparation area
  • 2 x drawers provide ample storage
  • Huge sealed and lockable pantry cupboard built-in to side of trailer, located right above kitchen for convenience and easy access. ALSO, there is an additional slide out pantry/drawer compartment right beside th kitchen.
  • Fridge - 80ltr upright fridge freezer fitted internally


  • 110ltr baffled water tank. Internally mounted for protection against damage to tank and plumbing.
  • Fitted with electric water pump and plumbed to kitchen tap and external wash tap and a water tank monitor to give a constant update on the level of water taking the stress out of outback/remote travelling.
  • 2 x 22ltr jerry cans
  •  All of our trailers are also fitted with a water filter which means that water from any source is filtered from contanimates so is safe and clean to use.


2 x 4.5kg gas bottles secured in lockable and sealed compartment. Gas plumbing to rear bayonet fitting - all certified by qualified gas installer

Other trailer features

  • Internal side storage lockers, under lounge and underbed storage for porta potti etc. Internal rear pantry
  • Swivel and removeable table
  • Queen size innerspring mattress
  • Several sealed and lockable compartments
  • Large storage locker on front drawbar
  • Webasto diesel hot water system plumbed to external shower unit and internal and external sink. Includes ducted heating into internal space. 2nd electric water pump to allow drawing water from an external source such as creek etc.
  • External pressurised wash tap

Canopy features

  • Camper sleeps 2 in comfort (bunk bed options available)
  • Canvas - High quality Australian made canvas used thoughout
  • Canopy - Pop up canvas includes 3 windows with canvas, heavy duty mesh and clear PVC
  • Awning - Easy roll out awning
  • Annex walls - Annex matting supplied for each awning area
    Quick Sun Shade
  • Doors - Sealed security door with security screen
  • Windows - 3 double glazed opening windows with privacy screen and mesh. Pop-top canvas includes 2 large windows with mesh, clear PVC and canvas openings.
  • 12volt air circulation fan - roof vent
  • Insulation - Fully insulated fibreglass construction
  • Ensuite - Rear fitted, fully moulded fibreglass top with PVC ensuite



Over the last twenty years, our campers have explored every nook and cranny of this vast country. If you can think of a landmark, it’s likely that a Complete Campsite was once set up nearby.

Some of these photographs have been provided by our more intrepid clients and we invite you to submit shots of your own holiday adventures.

Quality, flush mounted compression locks

Handy and well-appointed power system

Hot dipped galvanised chassis. Trailing arm independent suspension

Comfortable queen bed with innerspring mattress

Fully-equipped galley with kitchen, large storage drawers and overhead pantry

Security screen door and grab handle

External hot/cold shower unit

3 point locking system to security door.

Full length pole and accessories locker

L.E.D. light shines down into pantry and onto kitchen

Water inlet and filtering system

Webasto hot water system



We listen to everything that is said by our customers, the industry and the camper trailer media. That's one way in which we pursue a policy of continual improvement.

New reviews around our models are coming soon. Please view all our Editorial here.



Do your Hard Top models come in different layouts?
Yes, we do have different layouts available to cater for individual needs such as kids, inside cooking facilities, inside bathrooms etc.
We can sit down with you to discuss your needs and come up with a camper design to suit you.

Can I match the wheels on my camper trailer to the wheels on my vehicle?
Yes, we are able to match the wheels of most vehicles, but again, we suggest you talk to us about your particular vehicle.

Are all models full off-road?
All hard top models are fitted with full off-road independent coil suspension. They have been designed and engineered to allow even the most adventurous traveller take their camper anywhere they dare to take their vehicle.
We have considered important things such as trailer and wheel track width, entry and exit angles, water tank/plumbing protection to give peace of mind.

Why fibreglass construction?
Fibreglass construction offers many advantages. It is lightweight compared to steel and aluminium but still strong, and offers good insulation against Australia's harsh climate. Its 'monocoque' construction means that there is no need for internal framing therefore maximising available storage space. There are no seams and joints which prevent water and dust penetration. It is attractive in appearance and easily maintained. Offering warmth in the winter but remaining cool in the summer.

What size bed is used your camper trailers?
Unlike most other hybrid/hard top camper trailers, Complete Campsite's Exodus models are made slightly wider than others to ensure you don't miss out on a comfortable Queen, 7" innerspring mattress.

Can the bed be left made up?
Absolutely, you never have to worry about making your bed after a long day of travel.

Is the storage easy to access?
Yes the internal storage compartments are easy to access with large capacity to carry sufficient supplies for long trips. Clothes can to stored in the hanger locker when travelling where they are equally easy to access.

What about secuity?
Fully lockable door and double glazed windows mean that the security of person and possessions is second to none. A lockable screen door allows for airflow through the camper whilst maintaining security.

What is the process to place an order with Complete Campsite?
To confirm your order and lock in a delivery date, we will require a 30% deposit. The final balance is not due and payable until completion of your trailer.

What is your lead time from placing an order to taking delivery?
In general, from the time you place your order, your trailer will be ready for delivery in approximately 18 weeks. However, we occasionally leave gaps in our production schedule for urgent orders, especially around peak holiday times.