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Soft Floor

There are three models in our range of soft floor camper trailers – the Jabiru, the Uluru and the Kakadu. 

The beauty of this range is versatility – go where you want, how you want, with whoever you want. If you are a family and need space, then these trailers allow you to quickly add extensions for bedrooms, showers, toilets, dining areas - you name it. 

And gas struts have been fitted to the internal frame to make it easy for one person to put up and pack down. If you’re concerned about comfort, then you’ll be glad of the Queen size, inner sprung domestic mattress with stairs that give access without clambering over a sleeping partner.

Lovers of fine food can choose from two gourmet kitchens both of which contain ample and easily accessible storage space. 
And if you want to take a motor bike, quad bike, boat, fishing gear or push bikes, you’ll find we can make room for all of your toys.

These soft floors are designed and built to the same exacting standards with the best Australian components and can be optioned with a wide range of accessories. Basically, we look at your needs and your budget and build the trailer that works best for you.

Benefits & Technical Specs


Engineering & Build Quality

Engineering & Build Quality

From start to finish it takes us four weeks to build each of our soft-floor camper trailers. We've been doing this for 20 years and we know that working faster would compromise quality control and that's not a sacrifice we're prepared to make.

Wherever possible we use Australian suppliers and components as this enables us to ensure the integrity of each product and know that all parts are suitable for harsh Australian conditions.

While our technicians have drawn their experience from a variety of industries and backgrounds, our expertise is grounded in a tradition of crafting rugged but sophisticated, off-road camper trailers.

As a condition of their employment, all of our production staff are encouraged and supported by Complete Campsite to undertake Certificate III in Recreational Vehicle Manufacturing and/or Certificate III and IV in Competitive Manufacturing (cert III MSA31108 and cert IV MSA41108)

This ensures that our staff are equipped with the knowledge required to build you a premium quality camper trailer.

We now have a team of dedicated and highly skilled designers, welders, spray painters, electricians, sewers and production-line craftsmen who are working together in our new premises at Lisarow on the Central Coast of New South Wales. (You're always welcome to come and visit us!)

It's the quality of their work that enables us to offer you the rock solid guarantee of a two-year warranty.

Engineered and designed chassis. Rugged & Reliable

Fully certified gas plumbing

Ease of use

Ease of use

The great attraction of our camper trailers is that you get all the fun of being under canvas but without the hassle!

If you’re planning an overnight stop, our trailers can be set up by one person in about five minutes. (That’s steps 1-6 in the pictures below.)

And if you’ve found somewhere you want to stay, you can work through all nine steps and set up the full campsite in about 15 minutes - singlehanded, thanks to the gas struts and a design that’s mercifully free of guy ropes and pegs.

Comfort & Design

Comfort & Design

For twenty years we’ve been talking to our customers about the creature comforts they want to enjoy when they are out on the road.

If you are anything like them, you’ll want to sleep well, eat well, and enjoy a comfortable, well-lit and well-ventilated environment. And you’ll want enough space for your family to enjoy their holiday no matter what the weather might be doing.

That’s why we are dedicated to design and ergonomics.

Take a look at our beds. We use a queen-size, inner-sprung, domestic mattress. You’d be more likely to find one in a resort than a campsite! And we’ve configured the trailer so that you can get into it without climbing over your partner.

If you’re a foodie, you’ll love our kitchens. They’re beautiful – beautiful to look at, beautifully made and beautifully easy to use. Everything you might need is within easy reach – food, pots and pans, implements, plates, tableware. Everything.

And we’ve paid particular attention to lighting - no dingy canvas rooms. Ours are lit with skylights during the day and LEDs at night – we even provide bedside lights for reading.

It’s not just a complete campsite, it’s a complete home from home. It’s the only tent that can actually make you feel house-proud!

Thermal blanket - cool in summer, warmer in winter

Luxurious ducted heating

Webasto diesel hot water system

External hot/cold shower unit

Comfortable queen bed with innerspring mattress

Fully-equipped galley with kitchen, 60ltr fridge and large pantry

Internal stairs for easy bed access

Internal air vent for greater air circulation

Space & Configuration

Space & Configuration

Our design concept is to be small on the outside, big on the inside. (Like Dr Who’s Tardis!)

We’ve packed masses of storage space into the trailers so that you can take everything you need with you without having to cram-pack your tow vehicle. (You need comfort while you’re traveling, not just when you get there.)

On arrival, a complete campsite folds out to create a comfortably large living space. And if you need more space, you can add various canopy extensions to any of the three models.

The diagrams on this page show the different options for the Kakadu.

Ample storage is provided by chest of 4 drawers

Fully sealed and lockable side storage compartments

Standard canopy includes awning and 1/2 annex

Loads of storage from the large drawers and pull-out pantry

Handy gas compartment - bottles are plumbed to bayonet point

Split front storage locker - 1/2 free for storage and the other half houses the hot water system

Accessories & Customisation

Accessories & Customisation

Trailer Options

Boat/Storage Rack

Fully Strutted, Aluminium swing over boat rack with 100mm storage basket

Brackets Only

For boat/storage rack

"Slip n Easy" Outboard Holder

Mounted to extended Drawbar (price includes extended drawbar)

Canopy Options

Canopy Upgrade

Upgrade to 4.9m canopy including upgrade of annex matting size

Fully enclosed Annex Upgrade 3.9m

3.9m enclosed annex with door & full length windows with heavy duty mesh and drop down canvas covers

Fully enclosed Annex Upgrade 4.9m

4.9m enclosed annex with door & full length windows with heavy duty mesh and drop down canvas covers

Complete Rear Room Package

Room attached to drawbar end of the trailer with fully sewn in bucket floor and walls with 3 large windows of canvas and mesh

Extra Awning

additional 2.4m awning off fully enclosed annex (3.9m & 4.9m)

Skylight Panels

Lets in natural lighting to annex/awning area

Other Options

Independent Suspension 2.5T

Cruisemaster independent 2.5 tonne dual shock suspension with 12" electric brakes - Required for quad trailer with boat rack

Extended Drawbar

Suitable for Pajero & Prado models with full swinging rear doors

Quad Bike Carrier

Platform mounted on extended drawbar with tie down points, reinforced chassis & drawbar, toolbox & 3 jerry can holders

Motor Bike Carrier

Single motor bike rail fitted to extended drawbar with tie down points, reinforced chassis & drawbar

Push bike Rack

3 Tier, purpose built bike rack mounted to drawbar (price incls extended drawbar)

Additional Bike Cradle

Additional cradle for push bike rack

Underbody Water Tank

70 Litre, protective shroud, additional electric water pump

Rear Swing Away Spare Tyre & Outboard Holder

heavy duty reinforced swing away frame.

Side Door in Toolbox & Slide

Side opening in tool box with slide to allow easy access fo items such as a generator

Technical Specs

Technical Specs

Running Gear

  • Chassis - Supagal 50mm x 50mm x 5mm
  • Drawbar - Supagal 100mm x 50mm x 3mm
  • Suspension - "Cruisemaster" coil independanet with twin gas shocks.
  • Wheels - 6 stud 17"  alloy rims
  • Tyres - 265/75/R17 off-road tyres
  • Spare wheel/tyre - Rear mounted with wheel cover
  • Brakes - 12" electric off-road brakes
  • Coupling - DO35 off-road coupling fitted with handbrake

Trailer Dimensions (these measurements may change depending on optional extras)

  • Overall length - 5000mm
  • Body length - 2770mm
  • Width - 1900mm
  • Height - 1550mm
  • Tare weight - 1280kg
  • Gross weight - 2000kg
  • Ball weight - 130kg

Trailer Features

  • Body Construction - Zincanneal sides, doors & floor panels are stitched welded and sikaflex is applied to all joints and seams to ensure maximum sealing and to allow flex for off-road conditions
  • Body protection - Etch primed then 2 coats of baked enamel, high quality paint
  • Dust/water protection - High quality, automotive pinchweld sealing to all external doors/compartments. All are fitted with flush mounted compression locks to keep doors closed tight - keyed alike
  • Drop-down stabiliser legs - 4 x heavy duty stabiliser legs
  • Jockey wheel - Heavy duty 'easy mover' ratchet style, swing away jockey wheel
  • Trailer plugs - 7 pin flat trailer plug 50 amp Anderson plug
  • Trailer lights - Submersible L.E.D. Lights
  • Stoneguard - Heavy duty frame with mesh. Mounted on an angle to deflect stones away from tow vehicle
  • Rhino Protection Lining - Heavy duty rubberised product applied around drawbar and front section of trailer to protect from stone chips and paint damage.
  • Mudflaps - Front and rear mudflaps
  • Recovery points - 2 x recovery points at rear of trailer
  • 2 way level - Mounted to drawbar to assist with levelling of trailer

Power Features

12 volt power features

  • 2 x 105 amp hour AGM deep cycle, sealed batteries
  • 240volt 25amp 4 stage Victron Blue Power battery charger
  • DC to DC 12volt battery charge booster
  • 400watt pure sine inverter
  • 12volt power outlets strategically placed throughout trailer
  • BMV 600 LCD full battery monitoring system
  • 120watt portable/folding solar panel with stand, carry bag and wiring for Anderson Plug.
  • Fuse box
  • 240 volt power features

    • 2 pole, 15amp - 240volt weatherproof power inlet
    • Circuit breaker & safety switch
    • 2 x 2pole double power points strategically placed throughout trailer


    • Interior and exterior L.E.D. lighting
    • 2 x bedside reading lights
    • L.E.D. lighting placed in appropriate storage compartments

    External Kitchen

    • Full stainless steel construction. Kitchen slides out from rear tailgate for convenience and easy access
    • 3 burner stainless steel 'Smev' gas stove with auto ignition
    • Stainless steel drop-in 'Smev' sink with pressurised water to tap
    • Slide out stainless steel bench to provide more preparation area
    • 2 x drawers and 1 x cupboard provide ample storage
    • Large pull out pantry drawer above kitchen
    • Fridge - 80ltr Waeco fridge on slide out drawer right beside kitchen for convenience. Pantry/storagebox behind fridge included


  • 95ltr baffled water tank. Internally mounted for protection against damage to tank and plumbing
  • Fitted with electric water pump and plumbed to kitchen tap and external wash tap
  • 2 x 22ltr jerry cans & 1 x spare jerry can holder. Anti syphon/anti theft Ark jerry can holders used


  • 2 x 4.5kg gas bottles secured in lockable and sealed compartment. Gas plumbing to rear bayonet fitting - all certified by qualified gas installer

Other Trailer Features


    • Extended trailer body with internal stairs and walkway. This allows for easy access into bed, provides larger storage capacity and roomier internal tent space
    • Chest of 4 drawers mounted underneath bed for easy storage of clothes, linen, towels etc
    • Queen size innerspring mattress. Sits inside a canvas bed bag

    Tent Framing

    • Square box duargal framing for extra strength. Frames are fitted with gas struts for easy opening allowing a 1 person set-up and pack down


    • Large storage locker on front drawbar
    • 6 x sealed and lockable storage compartments on side of trailer
    • 2 x internal pockets to store personal belongings (keys, wallet etc)


    • Marine carpet lining throughout (including bed base) which provides more comfort and protection for your belongings
    • External pressurised wash tap

    Hot Water System

    • Webasto diesel hot water system plumbed to external shower unit and kitchen tap. Includes ducted heating into canopy space. 2nd electric water pump to allow drawing water from an external source, such as a creek etc.

    Canopy Features

    • Camper sleeps 4 in comfort - larger size canopy available if desired
    • Canvas - High quality Australian made canvas used thoughout
    • Canopy - 3.9m x 2.8m overall size Floor size 2.2m x 2.8m
    • Awning - 3.9m x 2.4m full length
    • Annex walls - Draught skirt, kitchen wall and 1/2 front wall - Annex matting supplied for each awning area
    • Doors - 2 x doors with zipped canvas and heavy duty mesh
    • Stoneguard - Heavy duty frame with mesh. Mounted on an angle to deflect stones away from tow vehicle
    • Windows - 6 large windows all with canvas and heavy duty mesh coverings
    • Internal air vent for greater air circulation
    • Skylights - 1 x skylight in awning and 1x skylight in gable to allow natural light to enter
    • Ensuite - Attachable PVC ensuite with shower holder, toiletry pockets, towel hangers. Includes poles, pegs, ropes etc
    • Insulation - Thermal blanket over main canopy to reflect heat during the day. Eliminates condensation and helps keep canopy warmer in Winter.



Over the last twenty years, our campers have explored every nook and cranny of this vast country. If you can think of a landmark, it’s likely that a Complete Campsite was once set up nearby.

Some of these photographs have been provided by our more intrepid clients and we invite you to submit shots of your own holiday adventures.

Plenty of space for everyone

Fully certified gas plumbing

Engineered and designed chassis. Rugged & Reliable

Thermal blanket - cool in summer, warmer in winter

Luxurious ducted heating

Webasto diesel hot water system

External hot/cold shower unit

Comfortable queen bed with innerspring mattress

Fully-equipped galley with kitchen, 80ltr fridge and large pantry

Internal stairs for easy bed access

Internal air vent for greater air circulation



We listen to everything that is said by our customers, the industry and the camper trailer media. That's one way in which we pursue a policy of continual improvement.

New reviews around our models are coming soon. Please view all our Editorial here.

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What canvas and mesh do you use on your canopies and why?

After manufacturing camper trailers since 1991, our own experience and customer feedback has led to the canopies being made from a Premium Australian made Dynaproof™ canvas and heavy duty screen mesh. With it's built in UV resistance, mildew resistance and premium waterproofing, not only will your camper have strength to withstand strong winds, and resistance against tears and rips from falling debris, but your canvas, if maintained correctly will have a longer life. The overall canopy is not too heavy, ensuring it is an easy set-up for one person.

Do your bedding and belongings get wet when you have to pack up in the wet?

No. The canvas we use on all our camper trailers does not transfer the moisture from the outside canvas to the inside and therefore your bedding and other belongings stay clean and dry. If you have packed up in the wet, we recommend that you open your camper within 24-48 hours, even if it is still raining to allow the canvas to ventilate and eventually dry out. You should never store your camper trailer with wet canvas.

What size bed is used in your camper trailers?

All our camper trailers are fitted with a true Queen sized, 7” innerspring mattresses.

Can the bed be left made up?

Absolutely, you never have to worry about making your bed after a long day of travel.

How are your trailers manufactured?

Complete Campsite employs a team of design engineers who CAD design each and every camper trailer. Each trailer panel is then cut using a CNC machine. This ensures the accuracy of precision of each panel giving the end product a first class finish.

What is the process to place an order with Complete Campsite?

To confirm your order and lock in a delivery date, we will require a 30% deposit. The final balance is not due and payable until completion of your trailer.
What is your lead time from placing an order to taking delivery?

In general, from the time you place your order, your trailer will be ready for delivery in approximately 10 weeks. We occasionally leave gaps in our production schedule to accommodate urgent orders, especially near holiday season.