10 best places in the Kimberley to take your camper trailer.

Of all the fantastic camper trailing destinations in Western Australia, the Kimberley is one of those bucket list must-sees. Spread out over a vast 423, 000 square kilometre expanse of land, it is one of the last remaining wilderness frontiers in the world. It is hugely popular for those with lightweight camping trailers and off-road trailers and bagged second place as one of the world’s top ten regions according to a Lonely Planet review in 2014.

Filled with towering waterfalls, breathtaking gorges and coastline tracks perfect for four-wheeled drives, camping out among some of Australia’s most beautiful ecosystems is truly spectacular.

When it comes to exploring the best that the Kimberley has to offer, a lightweight trailer that has been built for durability and comfort is the way to go. Located in Western Australia, reaching the Kimberley by road is possible via the great Northern Highway and the Gibb River Road.

Amazing places to take your Camper Trailer:

Broome, The Kimberley

Broome is one of the largest towns in the Kimberley and is perfectly situated along some of the most beautiful West Australian coastlines. The area or has approximately eight caravan and camping parks where you can set up your camper trailer to explore the local area.

When looking for places to pitch up, there are no free to stay places available in the town. However, campsite prices are extremely affordable, and it is popular with the tourist crowd. Cable Beach Caravan Park is one of the most popular parks to stay at and offers a lush, bush setting perfect for a relaxing day or two.

Gibb River Rd, The Kimberley

One of the main reasons that people visit the Kimberley is because of the Gibb River Road. Spanning approximately 650 km from Wyndham to Derby, it is one of the ultimate adventures for four-wheel drive enthusiasts. There are literally hundreds of side roads coming off of the Gibb River Road that make the adventure all that more exciting.

There is a mix of paid and free camps, many of which are located in National Park campsites such as:

  • Mitchell Falls;
  • Mount Elizabeth;
  • Manning Gorge;
  • Mornington;
  • Tunnel Creek.

The majority of camper trailer grounds have basic facilities such as showers, toilets and water. The average price for staying a night at a national park campsite is approximately $15 per person per night.

Cape Leveque, The Kimberley

Cape Leveque is located approximately 200 km Northwards of Broome. Reaching Cape Leveque will have you making your way along sand and gravel roads. Many people find that using a lightweight camper trailer is the perfect way to navigate these roads to reach the peninsula.

In fact, many people say that the roads leading to Cape Leveque are the most challenging they have ever experienced. Off-road camper trailers will be able to travel along these roads with ease. One of the great things about Cape Leveque is that there are plenty of free camper trailer spots to set up for the night.

It is seen as one of the ultimate remote destinations for off-road camper trailers and has many stunning sites on offer. Whether you want to pitch up next to an azure blue lagoon or along the coast, there are endless opportunities in Cape Leveque for a getaway filled with natural beauty and peace.

Lake Argyle, The Kimberley

When travelling from Australia’s Northern Territory, Lake Argyle is the first destination as you arrive in the Kimberley. Located near to the town of Kununurra, it is filled with beautiful, naturally occurring landscapes that truly create the atmosphere that the Kimberley is famous for. A hugely popular destination for tourism, there are various different resorts and caravan parks within the vicinity of Lake Argyle.

Lake cruises and rugged terrains make this the perfect place for an off-road camper trailer. The recommended time to visit Lake Argyle is generating the rainy season in February and March. This is when the landscape comes to life and is full of lush flora and fauna. The lake level is higher and there are fewer people around. This makes for a quiet and serene off-road camper trailer vacation.

The Bungle Bungles

The Bungle Bungles are an absolute must visit when visiting the Kimberley. Situated in the Purnululu National Park, the bungle bungles is a world heritage-listed site and rich in historical significance. Once the home of the Native aboriginals, its discovery didn’t reach the world until 1983. Until this point in time, it was well and truly a secret.

There are various places to pull up in your camper trailer and spend a day or two. The natural sandstone range is as beautiful as it is unique. The purnululu national park does not allow Caravans, but the bungle bungles Caravan Park is the perfect place to stay. The area is definitely suited for lightweight camper trailers as there are many off-road trails leading to some of the most beautiful spots.

Keep River National Park, The Kimberley

Located approximately 420 kilometres to the southwest of Darwin and 470 kilometres to the west of Catherine, keep River National Park offers up some of the most spectacular scenery available in the Kimberley. At approximately 700 square kilometres, it is one of the smaller destinations on this list. However, where it lacks in size; it definitely makes up for it in beauty.

There are two different campsites available at the park come on both featuring picnic areas, BBQ facilities and pit toilets. The first campsite for camper trailers is Gurrandalng Campground, which also has fresh drinking water, and the use of power generators is allowed. The second Campground is Jarnem, which does not allow the use of generators but has all of the same facilities.

Wyndham, The Kimberley

Wyndham is located at the northernmost part of the Kimberly. It is famed for being the hottest town in Australia, so you are definitely going to want a camper trailer that is well-designed and will keep you cool.

The surrounding area is filled with mudflats and mangrove swamps and is a booming tourist destination. For those who are keen on Australian history, Wyndham port is the place to go.

Reaching many of the most popular attractions and campgrounds will require you to go off-road. So some of the best places to spend a few days in your camper trailer are the:

  • Diggers rest station;
  • Perry Creek Farm tourist Park;
  • Wyndham Caravan Park.

All of these provide facilities to make your stay as comfortable as possible. With plenty of natural marshlands and lots of crocs, it’s one of those places where you feel like you’re sitting on the edge of the world.

El Questro, The Kimberley

While El Questro is a station on the Gibb River Road, it is commonly seen as a fantastic trailer camper destination and its own right. Nestled between gorgeous landscapes and stunning gorges, such as Emma Gorge, the Zebedee Springs, pigeonhole Lookout and Branco’s Lookout, it is easy to see why it is so popular.

Other must-see destinations in the vicinity of el Questro are the champagne Springs, moonshine Gorge, Saddleback Ridge and Amalia.

There are two separate camper trailer parks at El Questro, with the town site being the most popular. There are also several campsites dotted along the river which is perfect if you are looking for a little bit of seclusion in the bush.

It is important to note that when visiting El Questro, a Wilderness Park permit is required which costs $20AUD.

Honeymoon Bay, The Kimberley

Reaching Honeymoon Bay is done by driving 200 km from the Mitchell Falls along a sandy gravel track. When arriving at the Bay, you are presented with:

  • Deep blue waters;
  • Warm white sands;
  • Fantastic fishing opportunities;
  • A quietness that is unparalleled.

The beach camping area is approximately 26 km from Kalumburu, which offer basic facilities perfect for camper trailers. These include:

  • Power outlets;
  • Toilets;
  • Barbecues;
  • Water.

Many people head to Honeymoon Bay for a little bit of isolation from the world. It is one of those few places left remaining where you can truly experience nature at its finest without too much noise or tourism. As reaching the area requires you to drive along long stretches of gravel roads, a durable off-road camper trailer is definitely recommended.

At the very least, you will want a lightweight camper trailer when exploring the Kimberley.

Mornington, The Kimberley

Mornington is a nature reserve that was formerly known as the Mornington station. spread out over more than 3,500 square kilometres of land, it is where you will find the Mornington Wilderness Camp. It is definitely off the beaten path, and reaching it can be a challenging ride.

Again, this is where you will want to have an off-road camper trailer. Mainly because this is one of those places that is definitely worth a visit

Managed and owned by the AWC, there are 4 different Rivers running through the land, along with various billabong’s and gorges.

Camper trailer pitches are limited, so it’s a good idea to book in advance. Reaching the site involves driving down a 90 km access road, which is well-maintained but still a bumpy ride. Filled with Boab trees, wildlife and great weather, the site facilities are among the best in the Kimberley region.

What makes the Kimberley so special for camper trailers?

The Kimberley is one of the most popular destinations for adventurous tourists from all around the world. This untouched ancient paradise is located in one of the remotest parts of Australia. The distance between towns can be huge, to say the least. This is why it is important to have a camper trailer that offers you all of the comforts of home while being lightweight enough to go off-road.

Some of the more remote parts of the Kimberly have very little in the way of camping facilities and accommodation. These are also the ones that are the most beautiful and you definitely do not want to miss out on them. This is where a lightweight camper trailer truly comes into its own. It allows you to go off-road and explore hidden gems off of the tourist trail. The first half of the dry season is the best time to visit the region. This is when the water levels are high, and the weather is good.

Whether you already own a camper trailer or are looking at purchasing a high-quality, lightweight camper trailer for going off-road, there is a magical charm about the Kimberley that makes it the ultimate camping destination in Australia.

Clear star-filled skies, lush flora and fauna and unparalleled beauty perfectly blend together to create a wondrous camper trailer destination.

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