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We listen so you receive a camping experience like no other.


At Exodus Off-Road, we’ve been building award-winning Australian camper trailers and caravans for more than two decades. Everything we do has you, the Australian explorer in mind, giving you the ultimate in safety, comfort and style.

Don’t trust our word on this? Hear from our loyal and happy campers about their experience with David and the team

Chris & Anna-Lisa Chivers


After spending a year as a family of 4 travelling 44,000KMS around Australia in a Hybrid Camper, not an Exodus, I did not know about them at the time, my wife and I had a very clear picture of what and how a camper looked like and worked for us. Earlier this year we had the pleasure of having our new, bespoke built, Exodus 16 camper delivered.

As a customer, I have probably considered an “Attention to detail” kind of guy. Our connection to Exodus started as a chance encounter with another Exodus customer, up in the Snowy Mountains, on his way home with a new Exodus 16. I was “SOLD” there and then. The workmanship, attention to detail and overall product quality was completely evident at my very first look. All of the products used in the construction of the camper are of the highest quality. Given this was a significant purchase I spent quite a bit of time researching any other similar type I could find in Australia, but kept coming back to the Exodus.

Once it was evident there was no other choice we got in touch with David and ordered our dream camper. The process from the outset was fantastic. All of our questions and queries were answered. No detail was too small to receive a response or a solution to our request. David was great with his communication and kept us up to date with the build as it proceeded. David, Corinne, Scott, Colin and all of the team delivered in Spades as they said they would. It was refreshing to deal with a company that took pride in the end-to-end process. This was right down to the ½ day handover followed by 2 nights camping in a local caravan park, arranged by Exodus, to allow us as the customer to thoroughly go through our new purchase, iron out any kinks and form up a list of questions if needed. We have spent quite a bit of time in our Exodus 16 to date and it ticks every box for us and then some. There is always a bit of “Show and Shine” when you pull up somewhere as someone is always wanting to have a look and find out all about it.


Craig and Anita Allen

EXODUS 16, Melbourne (VIC)

It has been an exciting adventure to choose our new caravan. Anita and I began with one non‐negotiable, and that was that our new van had to be Aussie-made. Further, we need a van that suited our camping requirements. These basically include being able to get off the beaten track, away from civilisation yet without skimping on our comfort. Where we could enjoy nature, separate ourselves from technology and appreciate the simple things in life. We love cooking outdoors and sitting around a campfire, but also love the luxuries of home.

So, this is where our research began. We needed a rugged and durable van that was capable of getting us to these spots and was sealed against dust and water. It needed to be compact yet large enough for ample storage for our camping gear, fresh water and grey water, including room for a queen size bed, an ensuite bathroom and with sufficient internal space for protection from the elements.

It needed to be easy to tow with a large enough payload to be self contained for extended periods. It needed a complete external kitchen, not just a stove and sink, but also an external fridge and pantry with sufficient space for our drinks, food, cookware, crockery and cutlery. These requirements narrowed the potential options to just a few.

However, the key differentiators in choosing the EXODUS, other than the good looks was:
• The market-leading external kitchen
• The 360Ah of Lithium battery power with 720w of solar and a 2000W inverter
• The ability to access and filter creek water
• The enclosed external shower pod, and
• 900kg payload.

The icing on the cake with choosing this van has been dealing with David Bradburn, the new owner of EXODUS campers. This is the year of COVID‐19 and David and his team have been exceptional. They are always keen to help or even have a quick chat to discuss ideas to help improve the functionality of the van. David has continually kept us up to date with the build and has provided many progress photos of the construction and fit out. We have developed a relationship that I am sure we will build on in the future. All that remains is the handover and our first big trip. We cannot wait.


“ You guys should be held up as an example as to what levels of quality and service can be achieved by an Australian Company.... ”
Sean and Liz Greenwood
“ We are thrilled to bits with our new exodus 14 .... We congratulate you on an excellent unit. ”
Greg & Sue
“ We purchased our (demo model) Exodus 14 post the Caulfield show this year and due to circumstances have only just returned from our first relatively local venture. We loved it!!! We had so so many people come and talk and ask us questions... Keep up the great work ”