Best off road campsites in Queensland

Words by Katie James

For our customers, going off road is the only way to travel in Australia. Our trailers are made for it. Nothing compares to the adventures and experiences you’ll have by taking the road less travelled. So, with that in mind, here is part one of our list of the best campsites in Australia-that are only accessible by 4WD.

Today we are focusing on the best places to go in Queensland.

Captain Billy’s Landing, Cape York

Captain Billys Landing

A remote beach camp on the east coast of the Jardine River National Park, Captain Billy’s Landing is a grassy beachfront site, with amazing ocean views and sandstone bat caves to explore. The facilities are limited (read: non-existent, except for a toilet), so bring everything you need.

At low tide you’ll find thousands of star fish, sea cucumbers and shells in the shallow water, and fresh oysters on the rocks. Superb! Prepare your 4WD (and your butt) for the journey-it’s a very bumpy 27km drive in.

Moreton Island

Moreton Island

Brisbane’s closest island is often overlooked for Fraser or Stradbroke Islands. But with super easy access, less tourists, great campgrounds and fantastic inland and beach 4WD tracks (not to mention it’s stunning natural beauty), Moreton is most definitely on par with its more famous brothers.

There’s a huge selection of grounds to choose from-bush, beach, lagoon, or bay-side camping awaits. Some grounds have primitive facilities, while others have showers and toilets. And the great thing about this island is, as opposed to Fraser Island, the surrounding waters are quite safe to swim-perfect for snorkeling those amazing wrecks!

Fraser Island

Eli Creek Fraser Island

Yes, we know, Fraser Island is busy! But there is a reason for that-it is absolutely stunning.

There is so much to see and do on Fraser (in fact, we did a couple of posts on it which you can read here and here). It’s perfect for couples, families, groups and singles, and it doesn’t matter how young or old you are, you’ll find something that amazes you here. Feel the stresses of everyday life fade away while you take in the lush, ever changing scenery.

Riversleigh World Heritage Site, Boodjamulla National Park

Aboriginal Rock Art

For history buffs, this is remote camping at its finest. Situated 250km north of Mt Isa, the historical significance of Riversleigh cannot be understated. Riversleigh is one of the top 10 locations to find fossils in the world, and one of the most important Aboriginal lands in Australia. The fossils span a record of mammal evolution of at least twenty million years in length, providing the first records for many distinctive groups of living mammals.

Riversleigh D Site is the only part of the site that is open to the public, with plenty of walking tracks to explore. Check out the fossilised remains of the largest known freshwater crocodile, or the limb bones and gizzard stones of massive flightless birds. Miyumba camping area is located 4km south of D site and you will need to be completely self sufficient.

…Stay tuned next week for our post of the best off-road sites in NSW and the ACT!

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