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You know that ubiquitous mantra that agents use to sell real estate-the one that goes ‘Location, location, location’? Well, if there were a similar catch phrase for camper trailers, it would be ‘storage, storage, storage’! For the majority of our customers here at Complete Campsite, storage options are a major factor when considering which off-road camper to buy. So, which trailer is right for your situation?

We’ll start with our soft floor trailers, the Uluru, Jabiru and Kakadu.

Our soft floor trailers have set the benchmark in the industry for quality, space, and workmanship. They are most suited to families due to the internal floor space, however, because of the ease of set up, if you’re a couple with a lot of gear, then this is perfect for you.

All our soft floor models include:

  • Internal stairs and walkway (pictured with the drawers that are standard in the Uluru and Kakadu)-this is for easy access to the bed, but also provides a huge amount of storage.
All models feature a large storage/toolbox on the drawbar.
  • A bed protector bag which can store all your linen, pillows and more.
  • Handy internal pockets for keys, magazines etc
  • The kitchen features a fridge/storage slide (Storage pantry with fridge upgrade), as well as a slide out bench with pantry drawer.

The Uluru and Kakadu have all of the above, and also feature:

  • 6 x fully sealed and lockable side storage compartments, and a ‘Marlene’ split shelf cupboard in the rear right hand side compartment.
  • All compartments have compression locks and are keyed alike.
  • A chest of four drawers in the walkway under the bed.
  • The Waeco fridge/freezer is 80L and is mounted to the slide with storage pantry.

Optional accessories for all models include:

  • Boat/Storage rack
  • Quad bike carrier
  • Motor bike carrier
  • Push bike rack (mounted to optional extended draw bar)

HARD FLOOR-Byron and Fraser

Compact and easy to pack away, Our Hard Floor trailers have plenty of storage options for singles, couples and families of four.

Both trailers come with:

  • Underbody storage compartment and additional storage above
  • Large aluminium storage compartment/toolbox on drawbar
  • Large aluminium gullwing storage compartments
  • Compression locks on all storage compartments, keyed alike
  • Storage rack on top of gullwing box as well as body of camper
  • Bed protector bag to store mattress, linen, clothing etc
  • Internal pockets for keys, magazines, books etc
  • Pantry drawers
  • 2 large pantry drawers
  • 80L fridge/freezer mounted to slide
Options include:
  • – Aluminium storage box fitted to the top of the gullwing box
  • – Additional slide fitted in gullwing toolbox (handy for generators, port-a-loos etc)
  • – Wood storage rack mounted above gullwing box
  • – Extended drawbar with larger platform
  • – Slip n Easy Outboard holder

Our Exodus Range

Our highly customisable Exodus Range comes with many different storage options, all of them ensuring that your storage is maximised.

The Exodus Range (Exodus 11, Exodus 14, and Exodus 16) features:

  • Large, fully moulded fibreglass storage lockers on drawbar
  • Compression locks on all compartments (keyed alike)
  • Chequerplated external sealed and lockable storage compartments (2 on the Exodus 11, 3 on the Exodus 14)
  • Full width pole storage/fishing rod compartment
  • Under lounge storage hatches/lockers
  • Full stainless steel slide out and swing around kitchen with drawers and fold-out benches
  • Stainless steel slide out pantry/storage providing additional bench space

The Exodus 11 comes with an internal 80L Fridge/Freezer

The Exodus 14 also comes with a pantry and drawer storage in the internal kitchen and an 82L external chest fridge/freezer with a slide out drawer.

There is an option to fit an additional slide, fitted to any spare storage box (Handy for generators, BBQ’s etc)complete campsite trailer exodus kitchen

So whatever your storage needs are, Complete Campsite has you covered. Questions? Email us here

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