The ‘Fraser’ returns from its Outback test

BJ & Joy have now returned from the outback and the results are in!

BJ’s first comment was on how smooth and easy the new hard floor is to tow. But with the familiar Cruisemaster independent suspension underneath, he didn’t really expect anything else. He was amazed however, that for a brand new product, there was very little, if any, dust that entered the storage compartments. Even less than the amount of dust that got into his brand new 200 series LandCruiser. It’s obvious that due to the rugged design and construction, the new hard floor trailer will be right behind you no matter where you want to take it off-the-beaten track.

He was also surprised at how easy and quick it was to set-up and pack-down the trailer, considering he is sporting a torn rotator cuff and has limited movement in his shoulder. And with the soon-to-be released ‘new innovation’ it’s going to be even easier.

The amount of storage and sheer ease and convenince of accessing that storage was what mainly impressed Joy. The gullwing doors to the enormous front storage locker were so much easier to access than having to open tailgates when returning with handfulls of shopping bags.

However, the stainless steel kitchen (a close replica of the popular and much envied ‘Ultimate’ kitchen that has been used in the soft floor for a few years now) and the convenient location of the 60ltr Engel fridge was once again voted the the no.1 best feature according to Joy. With everything at your fingertips and not having to set up tables, stoves, and move fridges etc is such a relief after a long day of hard driving.

During the test there were, as expected, yet surprisingly few problems that will need to be sorted out before going into full production mode. The main problem encountered was after a couple of days of heavy rain on the journey home, some water entered in through the rear access door. Our designers are immediately onto rectifying this problem to ensure it isn’t carried into the production models.

So all in all, the ‘Fraser’ was given the thumbs up from BJ & Joy. They are regular outback travellers and have used pretty much every form of R/V accommodation from rooftop tents, soft floor camper trailers right up to off-road caravans. They are thoroughly impressed with Complete Campsite’s new hard floor camper trailers.

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