Best Bushwalks In Australia-Part Two

Following on from my last post, here is part two of the Best (Short) Bushwalks in Australia-today we are looking at Victoria and Queensland. Stay tuned next week for our final chapter!



Triplet Falls Rainforest Walk

2km, 1hr loop, moderate (steep steps)

Triplet Falls is one of the most spectacular waterfalls in the Great Otway National Park. Nestled amongst the ancient forests of Mountain Ash and Myrtle Beech, you will discover three distinct and impressive cascades flowing through shady rainforests and glades of mossy tree ferns.

Youngs Creek flows to the falls from Weeaproinah, which has the states highest average rainfall of almost 2 metres. So the falls are absolutely spectacular after rain. This trail is also the site of an original Otways timber mill. The trail runs past the site and displays remnant artefacts from the era.

Triplet Falls Rainforest Walk | Complete Campsite

Shelly Beach

2km, 45mins, easy

This is one of the best walks on the Great Ocean Walk. The track traverses through fern gullies, coastal scrub, along Shelly Beach and across rocky platforms to Elliot River. Return through a majestic stand of blue gums, inhabited by koalas and nocturnal Yellow-Bellied gliders. Only walk the coastal route during low tide and calm seas.

Shelly Beach | Complete Campsite

Mt Oberon Walk

6.8km return, 2 hours, medium/hard

The steady incline to the top of Mt Oberon is worth it for the spectacular views at the summit. See the dramatic and beautiful meeting of land and sea  at the southernmost point of Australia’s mainland. See the pic-no more words needed!

Mt Oberon Walk | Complete Campsite


Coastal Track, Noosa National Park

5.4km, 2hrs, easy

Noosa National Park encompasses an area of more than 4,000 hectares, and is home to several rare and threatened species. With areas of rainforest and coastal bush with the iconic Pandanus trees dotting the paths, and several beaches providing surfing and swimming opportunities, this National Park is the most popular in the country. And for good reason.

Tea Tree Bay is a beautiful sheltered beach and the first that you’ll find along this track. Spectacular views can be seen from several lookouts along the track. Keep heading towards Alexandria Bay for a risqué swim-this beach is clothing optional!

Coastal Track, Noosa National Park | Complete Campsite

Twin Falls Circuit, Springbrook National Park

4km, 90 mins, medium

Twin Falls Circuit is one of the best and most scenic tracks in this world heritage listed area, which was once part of an ancient volcano. The track surprises the hiker at regular intervals, with constantly changing and spectacular scenery from stunning rock formations, sheer cliffs, subtropical rainforests, breathtaking views from the valley to the beach, creek crossings with bridges, great waterfalls and a glorious rock pool.

One trail leads walkers behind the twin falls, and the other leads them to the front of the pool. It’s inviting enough to want to strip off and jump straight in.

Twin Falls Circuit, Springbrook National Park | Complete Campsite

Cathedral Cave, Carnarvon Gorge

18.2km, 6 hours, hard

The Cathedral Cave is located 1km from the Big Bend campsite at the end of the main walking track. This massive, wind eroded overhang sheltered Aboriginal people for thousands of years.

A panorama of rock art reflects the rich cultural life of those that gathered there. The rock art here is some of the best you’ll see in Australia-you just have to be prepared to walk to see them!

Cathedral Cave, Carnarvon Gorge | Complete Campsite

Where is your favourite walk in Australia? Let us know below!

Words by Katie James

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