Tolsons Customer Testimonial

Hi Grant & Jodie,

As promised here are some photos of our Exodus 14 camper trailer.
So far we have circumnavigated all of Tasmania, including the NW, Strzelecki x2, Oodnadatta x2, Binn Track, Old Andado Track (Old Andado Station), Old Ghan Rail route track north of Oodnadatta to Dalhousie Ruins, Birdsville Track, Cobb Hwy, Mereenie Loop Rd.

We refer to camping in the Exodus as “Glamping” which is short for Glamour Camping.

The trailer has been great-our family loves the ease of set up/pack up (this can never be underestimated), the air bag suspension is great for leveling the van on slopes and smoothing out the corrugations-we have only cracked a couple of eggs.
The Webasto diesel hot water system is fantastic, with the internal heat exchanger that makes it pleasant in the morning for the kids to wake to a warm van (by a simple flick of a switch when myself & wife Frances go out for our morning cuppa before the kids wake). On one of our winter desert trips other friends were needing to break ice off the roof of their canvas internally before packing up in the morning, while we were oblivious to the big overnight freeze. Over a three week trip we didn’t need to even top up the 7 litre diesel tank for all our hot water & heating.
The bunk beds are great-they allows even an adult comfort-and the double internal sprung mattress is very comfortable. 2 x massive pantries swallow many weeks supplies with everything having its own spot, the compartment for the slow cooker ensures that nothing moves even on the roughest of corrugations & ensures a great evening meal on the days that the drive has been long & late, the pull out Baby Q Weber is so convenient.

The internal & external fridge is good as we run one as frozen, and the other for our day to day fridge. The only two things that haven’t been utilised is the A/C as the van is naturally cool with the urethane insulated walls, the internal toilet as a shovel is much more convenient. We are so self-sufficient we generally only visit a caravan park once per week simply to wash clothes and fill up the 170 litre water tanks.

I would also say the three batteries with solar panel are also good as it makes it less essential to ensure the van is facing north which gives best utilisation of the solar panel because frequently the best views will not allow this positioning.
Our next expedition is Cape York incorporating the OTL, Frenchman’s Track, Palmer River Goldfields, Starcke Coast, Lakefield, Cape Melville, Iron Range, Weipa, Vrilya Coast & the Tip.

I would commend Complete Campsite in backing up their product. It is good to see an Australian company that listens to its customers’ needs and refines the camper to meet the customers’ requirements which isn’t achieved with other camper manufacturers/importers.
I truly believe this is a sensational touring crossover camper which doesn’t have you needing to get back to civilisation for missed comforts.

David Tolson

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