Best Outback camper trailer touring destinations

The Australian outback is a wondrous place. Filled with spectacular sites both of scenic and historical interest, it is filled with magical destinations perfect for camper trailer touring. If you already own a camper trailer, you will love exploring the outback.

Camper trailers are easy to tow, offer maximum flexibility and convenience and are perfect for off-roading. When heading into the Australian outback, you need a durable and reliable camper trailer that is designed to work perfectly no matter where you take it.

Remote locations, extreme temperatures and wild terrains require a camper trailer that can provide you with the comforts of home while retaining an authentic outdoors experience.

Here are our top 7 best outback camper trailer touring destinations

Thargomindah – Kilcowera Station – QLD

Kilcowera station is located a 14-hour drive from Brisbane and offers up a genuine outback experience. Throughout the area, there are plenty of places to make camp with your camper trailer.

One of the most scenic spots at Kilcowera Station is the Cardenyabba lagoon. This area of natural beauty is the perfect place to spend an afternoon kayaking or catching yabbies.

Spend your day exploring the 120,000 acre Station. As with most Outback destinations, the night sky is not affected by light pollution. There is nothing quite as Australian as enjoying a cold one next to a roaring campfire under the stars.

Ayers Rock Campground – NT

Nothing screams Australian outback more than Uluru. One of the best places for those touring with their trailer camper in the Australian Outback is the Kata Tjuta National Park.

Set against the warm red sands of the desert, Ayers Rock Campground is the perfect place to pitch up and explore some of the finest Outback scenery in the world. The campsite is located just 15 km from Uluru and plenty of desert oaks provide shade from the heat of the day.

Located over 1500 kilometres from Adelaide, this stunning destination definitely requires a camper trailer fit for purpose. Hardcore drivers would be able to reach it after a solid 17-hour drive. But it is better to split the journey between several days and enjoy what the heart of Australia has to offer along the way.

Simpson Desert Regional Reserve – SA

This breathtakingly beautiful desert landscape is an absolute must-see for all camper trailer owners. Located approximately 970 km from Adelaide, it is the perfect stop over point on your way to Uluru.

This is definitely a hardcore destination and is one of those Outback locations that is quintessentially Australian. If you want to catch up here, you are going to have to be self-sufficient. Having a camper trailer that is up to the job is essential.

During the daytime, temperatures can reach boiling point and evenings are surprisingly cool. If you want to have a real Outback experience, then you will be hard-pressed to find anywhere better than here.

Lonnavale – Rivers Edge Wilderness Camp -TAS

River’s Edge Wilderness Camp is located just 60 km from Hobart. Located on the edge of the Russell River, it is the perfect place for a spot of trout fishing and wildlife watching.

One of the main draws to this area is the white gum forest, which lends itself to creating a truly Outback experience. One of the great things about River’s Edge Wilderness Camp is that it is perfect for everyone.

All of the facilities that you could need are on site. The surrounding Bushland plays home to an abundance of Wildlife, including Eagles, platypus and Kookaburras. The short 60-minute journey makes it the perfect beginners Outback destination.

Wyperfeld National Park – VIC

Located in between Melbourne and Adelaide, wyperfeld National Park is just a 5-hour journey from Melbourne City. The area is surrounded by Pine forests and natural lakes and offers a truly back to nature experience.

One of the most popular Outback campsites in the area is Casuarina Campground. Nestled among the Mallee sand dunes, old lake beds and atmospheric woodlands, basic amenities are available. These range from toilets, picnic tables and fire pits.

There are literally hundreds of fantastic bush walks to be had in the surrounding area and there is no requirement for pre-booking at the site. Simply pull up and pitch and begin experiencing the natural beauty of the area.

Mimosa Rocks National Park – NSW

Mimosa Rocks National Park is located just 250 km from Canberra. Reaching it can take as little as 3 hours and is definitely worth the short journey. When it comes to camper trailer touring, this is the hidden jewel in the crown of the Australian Outback.

It is one of those rare areas where the Outback, the bush and the coast all meet in one place. One of the most popular places to pitch up your camper trailer is the Aragunnu Campground. From here, you are just a stone’s throw away from the beach.

There are plenty of natural attractions to visit, including the Mumbulla Creek Falls. Being located on the coast means that evening temperatures can drop and strong winds may be experienced. However, if you have a fantastic camper trailer, you are going to love all of the beauty that this area has to offer.

Bourke – NSW

Bourke is located 750 kilometres from Sydney and 900 km from Brisbane. This Australian Outback destination is a fantastic choice for camper trailer touring. This Outback desert town is located just a short drive away from Gundabooka National Park and Toorale National park.

The best place to pitch up your camper trailer is at Comeroo Camel Station. This amazing campsite is set in the heart of over 1,000 Acres off good old-fashioned Australian red dirt. That’s the name of the site suggests, this is a working camel station. The nearby river is the perfect place for a spot of fishing or a quick dip.

This is also one of the best places to do a little bit of stargazing, enjoy a BBQ and soak up the best of what the desert has to offer. There is also a little bit of luxury on site with the addition of a spa. Bourke is a fantastic starting point for those new to camper trailer touring.

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