Hard Floor VS Hybrid Camper Trailers – What Is The Difference?

For those in the market for a new camper trailer, it can be difficult to work out the differences between the different types. With choices such as soft floor camper trailers, hard floor camper trailers and hybrid camper trailers, understanding what is what can be mind boggling.

Off-road hard floor camper trailers have long being a popular choice among Australians. However, over the last few years, hybrid camper trailers have grown in popularity at lightning speed and offer increased comfort, style and convenience.

The type that is best for you will depend on where you want to stay, how long you will travel for, and who you are traveling with.

To help you understand the difference between an off-road hard floor camper trailer and a off-road hybrid camper trailer, we will look at them both.

What is a hybrid camper trailer?

A hybrid camper trailer is the perfect alternative to a full-sized caravan. As the name suggests, a hybrid camper trailer is the perfect combination of a camper trailer and a caravan in one. Much like a caravan, hybrid campers consist of a solid shell and a lockable door.

A huge benefit of a hybrid camper trailer when compared to a caravan is that it will come with an external kitchen. This allows you to take your cooking outdoors and prevents unwanted dirt and odours building up inside. The amount of time required to set up your hybrid camper is also drastically reduced.

A great example of the perfect hybrid camper is The Exodus 14. It provides the luxury of an on road caravan and the convenience and durability of an off-road camper trailer. It has a single molded fiberglass shell that provides maximum insulation. Some of the features to note include the following.

  • 300 watts of solar power from the solar panels
  • An 82 liter combination fridge freezer
  • An external ensuite bathroom with toilet and a hot and cold shower
  • High quality LED lighting both internally and externally
  • Monocoque fiberglass moulding for body work that is aerodynamic and indestructible
  • Both acoustic and thermal insulation
  • Water storage capacity of 270 liters
  • An internal spring queen size bed
  • Pop-up canopy and roll out awning
  • Internal kitchenette and external kitchen

The fact that hybrid camper trailers have solid walls means that you receive improved insulation from the external elements. When it comes to set up, all that is usually required is to drop the stabilizers, pop the roof and roll out the awning.

An Australian made hybrid camper trailer provides all of the strength and durability required for going off road. Being able to tackle steep inclines and uneven terrains with maximum stability is possible with a hybrid camper trailer. In fact, it allows you to venture into areas that a caravan just can’t access.

In a nutshell, an Australian-made off road hybrid camper trailer offers long lasting durability with maximum comfort and style. There is a reason why they have grown in popularity at a huge rate over the last few years. And that is because they take camping to the next level.

Complete Campsite Hybrid Campers:

What is a hard floor camper trailer?

A hard floor camper trailer has long been the most popular choice of camper trailer in Australia. Easily able to go wherever your 4WD can, a hard floor camper trailer is perfect for family use throughout the year. Unlike a hybrid camper trailer, a hard floor camper features a canvas tent instead of a solid fiberglass construction.

This allows for the off-road hard floor camper to be extremely compact and lightweight without compromising on space. As they tend to have a reduced height when closed, driving visibility is improved along with less drag when towing. When compared to a soft floor camper trailer, they offer improved comfort and easy set up.

A great example of a hard floor off road camper trailer is the complete campsite Fraser XTE. With an extremely quick and easy setup, you can go from parking too relaxing in a matter of minutes. Some of the most notable features of the Fraser XTE include the following.

  • Remote control opening and closing
  • LED lighting on the interior and exterior
  • An external kitchen with a 95 liter fridge
  • A 3 burner stove with built-in sink
  • Four drop down stabilizer legs
  • USB ports throughout the camper trailer
  • And innerspring queen size bed
  • Able to sleep up to 6 people comfortably
  • 150 liters of water storage
  • 2500 liters of storage space
  • A hot water system for hot showers

A hard floor camper trailer is perfect for regular camping trips throughout the year. For those wondering what the best camper trailers for families are, this type is ideal. It would be easy to think that the compact nature of an off-road camper trailer is insufficient. However, being able to comfortably accommodate 6 people shows just how much space you actually get.

One of the main things that draws many people to off road hard floor camper trailers is the lightweight construction of them. With many people owning 2WD cars, a lightweight yet durable camper trailer is what they want. Being compact and lightweight makes reversing, parking and towing a much easier task.

Which type of camper trailer is best?

In all honesty, both hard floor camper trailers and hybrid camper trailers are fantastic camping options. Which is best all depends on what you want from your camper. If you want all of the mod cons and luxuries of home, then a hybrid camper is a good choice. If you want something compact and lightweight with added comfort and convenience then a hard floor camper could be your best bet.

Spending a bit of time thinking about the places that you want to visit and who you want to visit with will also play a role. If you expect to be traveling long distances then you will appreciate the minimal set up on arrival. As a general rule of thumb, a hybrid camper trailer is perfect for two to three people. Whereas a hard floor camper trailer can comfortably sleep up to six people at a time.

If you have been struggling to make your mind up between a caravan and a camper trailer. Then a hybrid off road camper trailer is the answer to your prayers. Regardless of the type that you choose. You are guaranteed of a well-built, high quality and modern camper trailer that will make every experience a good one.

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