The Most Romantic Camper-Trailer Destinations in Australia

When it comes to romantic getaways in Australia, you are literally spoiled for choice. If you want to treat that special person in your life to a memorable camper-trailer trip, then taking them somewhere spectacular is the way to go. Whether you are looking for perfect golden sunsets, a secluded tropical oasis or dramatic landscapes to enjoy together, we have you covered.

With so many perfect romantic destinations to take your camper trailer, it can be difficult to work out exactly where to go. To help make things easier for you, we have narrowed things down in our 10 best romantic camper trailer destinations in Australia. All you have to do is pick a place, pack up and prepare yourself for the perfect romantic getaway.

10 Best Romantic Camper Trailer Destinations in Australia:

Hunter Valley, New South Wales

Nothing goes together better than romance and wine. If that combination sounds irresistible, then you are going to love Hunter Valley. Just a two-hour drive away from Sydney, it is the perfect place to enjoy a romantic camper trailer getaway.

This wine making region has a rich history and stunning scenery that is perfect for a long weekend away. It is easy to find campgrounds and parks perfect for setting up your camper trailer. The Majestic waterfall at Barrington Tops National Park is the perfect place to cool off from the heat of the day together.

From wine tasting to soaring above the land in a hot air balloon, the vineyards create the feeling of being somewhere in rural Italy or the Mediterranean. The Yango walking Track is the perfect place to enjoy a romantic Bush walk through pristine wilderness. Of course, this area is all about the wine and it doesn’t disappoint when it comes to variety.

Freyssinet National Park, Tasmania

Freyssinet National Park makes for the perfect romantic camper trailer destination. From abundant birdlife, white sandy beaches, secluded bays and towering pink granite peaks, it is perfectly framed by the Tasman Sea. The great Oyster Bay is the ideal place to enjoy a romantic walk in the late afternoon.

You can stay in your camper trailer at one of the campsites or pitch up in one of the nearby towns, including Swansea and Swanwick. Freyssinet National Park has plenty of romantic activities to participate in. These range from kayaking in pristine lagoons, snorkeling in the crystal clear waters or simply enjoying a lazy picnic on the beach.

When it comes to the evening, there is no better way to spend it then with a glass of wine under the bright stars. Freyssinet National Park is one of the best off-road camper trailer destinations and is ideal for a long romantic getaway. Located approximately two and a half hours from Launceston and Hobart on the A3 Tasman Highway, it is easy to find and easy to reach.

The Kimberly

You could fit England inside the Kimberley three times over! Being that so large means that you are spoiled for choice when it comes to finding a romantic camper trailer destination. From outback stations, freshwater swimming holes, magical canyons and prolific wildlife, it also has one of the most romantic beach destinations on the planet.

Broome is an iconic romantic destination. The With its white beaches, frangipani trees, magenta sunsets and tropical weather, it’s where the beach meets the outback. Situated in the Western part of the Kimberley region, it has a truly romantic vibe. The 22 km white sand beach is the perfect place to enjoy a romantic evening barbecue.

When visiting the Kimberley region, a visit to the bungle bungles is a must. Hundreds of Stone formations in the shape of beehives are clustered together. For those who truly want to make the most of their romantic camper trailer getaway, driving the Gibb River Road and exploring off the beaten track is the way to go. Sideroads meander off into campgrounds, outback stations and through Aboriginal communities.

Cape Tribulation, Queensland

Cape Tribulation is one of those places where the rainforest spills out onto the beach. Situated in the Daintree National Park, it is a bushwalking paradise filled with beautiful flora and fauna. There are plenty of places to stay in your camper trailer ranging from beachfront locations to the heart of the rainforest.

A bush walk up Mount sorrow provides sweeping views of the entire area. Riding horses on one of the many isolated beaches or flying through the canopy of the rainforest on a flying fox are both possible. Another popular romantic activity is to hire a kayak for the day and paddle out to the offshore islands.

If isolated, tropical beauty is what you are looking for, this is the place for you. Imagine setting up your camper trailer on the beach and waking up to the sun rising over the Coral Sea. When it comes to romantic camper trailer destinations, this ranks toward the top of the list.

Barrington Tops National Park, New South Wales

Barrington Tops National Park is an ancient landscape filled with dramatic World heritage rainforests. One of the most romantic things that a couple can do on their camper trailer getaway is enjoying a walk along the Honeysuckle Forest track. When it comes to campsites, you are spoiled for choice.

Little Murray Campground is located in the heart of the wilderness in the national park and is the perfect place for Bush walks, fishing and touring in your 4WD. Located between Dungog and Gloucester is Gummi Falls Campground. Situated amongst towering trees and abundant wildlife, it is the perfect romantic camper trailer destination to escape the crowds.

Other campgrounds perfect for camper trailers include Polblue Campground, horse swamp Campground, Gloucester River Campground and Devil’s Hole Campground. Each Campground comes with its own romantic traits ranging from stargazing on the river’s edge swimming in secluded creeks and waterholes.

Tooloom National Park, New South Wales

Tooloom National Park is situated in the heart of the Gondwana rainforest. If you are searching for the best romantic camper trailer destinations, this place should definitely be on your list. Bordered by farmland and dry forest, you can find the Tooloom scrub, abundant wildlife and lush, green foliage.

Located approximately 185 kilometers from Brisbane and 850 kilometers from Sydney, it is the ideal place for a secluded yet romantic holiday. The Tooloom falls are a breathtaking spot in the National Park and provide the perfect backdrop for popping the question. For unprecedented views over the National Park, the Tooloom lookout takes you about the canopy and mist and is a romantic place to enjoy the sunrise.

The Tooloom Falls Campground is free for camper trailers and puts you in the heart of the area. A hybrid camper trailer is the perfect choice when visiting and allows you to venture off the beaten track in comfort. While national parks feature heavily on this list, it is because of the natural beauty and romantic atmosphere that each of them offers. Australia is blessed with some of the most beautiful national parks in the world. And many of them are perfect for a romantic camper trailer stay.

Myall Lakes National Park, New South Wales

Another romantic camper trailer destination is Myall Lakes National Park. Situated approximately 236 km from Sydney coma the National Park is spread out over almost 47,500 hectares of breathtaking land.

It is easy to find the perfect spot next to the lakeside. There are also several camper trailer parks dotted along White Tree Bay. It is one of those rare destinations where you can choose to wake up on the beach, in the rainforest or beside a lake. One of the star attractions in the National Park is the Grandis tree, the largest flooded gum in New South Wales.

Whether it’s a romantic dip in one of the lakes. An evening stroll through the surf on the beach. Or a candle light dinner under the rainforest canopy, romantic opportunities are everywhere that you look. With parts of the National Park having challenging terrain, you will definitely want to have a durable off-road camper trailer. It is easy to lose yourself for a while in the isolated rainforest. But that can only be a good thing when looking for an amazingly romantic time.

Wave Hill station, Northern Territory

Situated in the Northern Territory, Wave Hill station is located approximately 600 km to the south of Darwin. Spread out over approximately 5,200 square miles, it is an outback lovers dream. Located along the Clarence River Gorge, Wave Hill station has three different campsites perfect for camper trailers.

The first camper trailer campsite is King’s Camp. It is the perfect place to enjoy a romantic swim in the Clarence River or explore the various ecosystems by kayak or canoe. The Riverview Campsite comes with its own rock pool and waterfall located nearby. The Top Gorge Back Channel Campsite offers some of the most romantic views of the area and offers up idyllic surrounds for an intimate escape.

When it comes to romantic things to do at wave Hill station, you will not be disappointed. Explore the rock pools in the freshwater river system. Enjoy a romantic campfire dinner under the stars. Or walk hand in hand through the Clarence River Gorge. If camper trailing in the outback is your thing, then you are going to love Wave Hill station.

Dubbo Parklands, New South Wales

Dubbo Parklands is a great place for an intimate camper trailer holiday. The Shoyoen Japanese garden transports you to the Far East and makes for a truly romantic destination. If you want to stay on a campsite come up the Big 4 Caravan Park places you within easy reach of all the best things to see and do.

Located just a 40 minutes drive away from Dubbo Parklands are the majestic Wellington caves. If you feel like treating yourselves to a romantic dinner for two, you are spoiled for choice. With several authentic Thai restaurants, a tapas bar and the Blue Lagoon restaurant, you have plenty of options available.

Reaching the Dubbo Parklands from Sydney takes approximately 5 hours. Along the way, you can explore the Wollemi National Park or stop off in the small town of Mudgee for a cheeky glass of wine at one of the many wineries. It’s close proximity to Sydney and Newcastle makes it the perfect romantic destination for a long weekend away.

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